Arrowhead Archery, LLC

 We're Moving!!! 

Saturday, June 24, will be our last open day at this location.  We are moving NEXT DOOR to 3104 Epperly Drive.  We'll still have an indoor range (just a bit smaller) and it will be air conditioned!  Can't wait to get moved in and open for business again.  Keep watching.  We'll keep you updated.        We have started the PROCESS.  The old range is down and the new going up right now.  Looks like we'll have 14 20-yard lanes and 2-3 10/15-yard lanes.  Thanks to Dale Brownlow, Josh Banta and Garrett Newman for their help.  We can already see progress!  Got a wall down and another up!  The shop is packed, but not the office or the work area.  That will be done tonight.  Kitchen has to be packed also.  Not sure what we'll do about that yet.  Work, work, work!

Crystal Lake will hold all scheduled shoots.  Nothing changed here!

Our next 3-D will be an open, marked OR unmarked format.

July 23 & 24, trickle start 8:00-1:00 both days.

We hope to see you there!